1 week meal plan for £30!

If you’re like me and you love all things inspiring and edible and you have a Pinterest account then you’ll know the great, vast wealth of ideas that it brings from looking through all those pins.

This week I was searching for meal ideas, and I came across an interesting article where a lady had made a meal plan and fed her whole family for a week for £30, so I thought I’d give it a go. We all know what it’s like on those weeks when we’re a bit strapped for cash but you can eat a fresh, (mostly) healthy and a pretty balanced diet.

Here is my meal plan for one week, based on two people for £30:


Lunch – Ham, mustard and lettuce sandwich

Dinner- Grilled chicken burgers with homemade oven baked chips


Lunch- Ham, mustard, lettuce and tomato bun sandwich

Dinner- Homemade tuna pizza with salad


Lunch- Chicken wrap

Dinner- Thai red curry with prawns and rice


Lunch- Prawn salad

Dinner- Greek salad with grilled chicken and boiled potatoes


Lunch- Chicken wrap

Dinner- homemade lasagne


Lunch -Leftover lasagne and salad

Dinner- Korean Pork with roast potatoes and carrots


Lunch- Tuna and mayo sandwich

Dinner- Homemade corned beef pie and homemade oven baked chunky chips

Using leftovers and planning meals so that you make the most out of what you have to use saves you on both money and food wastage. Please bare in mind this is not a weight loss diet, just good food on a tight budget.

Our shopping list:


Chicken breasts x8


Buns x4


Salad leaves

Tuna x2

Tomato purée



Self raising flour




Red onion

White onion

Corned beef



Pork x4

Lasagne sheets

Bolognese sauce

Lasagne sauce



Can’t wait to search for my new meal plan for next week!

(Please note: I don’t own anything on the links that I’ve shared, they’re just for information only.)



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