Valentine’s Day


I’ve been looking for new ideas for what to do with my husband for Valentine’s Day that’s both affordable and romantic. We would like to have a nice day together just enjoying being together, but don’t want to get sucked into the whole Valentine’s ideal.

I was browsing on Pinterest for inspiration and came across some fab ideas, including a Sandwich basket lunch, which would make a lovely picnic for two.

We thought it’d be nice to go to a craft market in an old, historic town and find each other a unique gift for £5. That way it’s affordable, we’re helping local businesses, getting something personal and it saves buying each other things that we don’t need.

While we’re there we’re going to stop off at a nice local café for some cake and coffee by the river with our little dog. A lot of places nowadays allow your pets to go to cafes with you, it’s worth checking out a list of dog friendly cafes/pubs/venues online.

Then we’ll finish off our nice, personal day by having a movie date night in our home with a candlelit three course meal consisting of;

Prawn Salad to start

Baked garlic parmesan potato wedges and Mozzarella, tomato and green pesto chicken with salad for the main course

Valentine’s dessert

With a nice hot chocolate in front of our log fire to finish!

Whoever said that love had to be extravagant?






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