Eating out for less!


If you love to eat out but just don’t feel like you can sometimes because you have to watch the purse strings, all it takes is some creative thinking. You can have a meal for less with your friends or loved one, you just have to know where to look for the best prices.

First of all, if your favourite restaurant has a points card then I’d definitely recommend signing up. This means that every time you eat there, points are added to your account which could earn you a free side, starter or even main course and if you’re on the mailing list or Facebook page of local businesses then you’ll get their offers straight to your news feed. I have a Nandos card, KFC points card and a Taste card. The Taste card is a scheme that involves nationwide (UK) restaurants offering 2-4-1 and 50% off meals, so you only have to pay for one meal and this makes eating out much more affordable for everyone.

If you haven’t already, then I’d also recommend signing up to WowcherGroupon and Living Social . These are all sites that offer discounted vouchers to use in restaurants, on days out, holidays, health, beauty, fitness and so much more!

So it really isn’t impossible to live the life you want for less, if you can save money on petrol by visiting local places then you can put that money to good use elsewhere and it’s all helping to build up your local economy. Local pubs have meal deals where you can have your dinner and a drink for as little as £4.99 per person and it’s good, quality food so do your research and shop around and you’ll be amazed at what you can afford.



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