Meal plan to save you money

My husband and I managed to do another meal plan this week that came in around the £30 mark so I thought I’d share some tips with you on how we did it. 

Planning meals saves you money, food wastage and you’re not left wondering what you can make for dinner every night because it’s all pre-arranged. 

First of all, we see what we have left in the cupboards/freezer and what can be used to make meals, or ingredients that can be bought to add to those things. 

Then we think of what we’d like to eat for the week, bearing in mind that if we buy a pack of meat or anything that needs to be used within a certain time frame- that we need to plan meals around using it all up so nothing gets thrown out and wasted.

Leftovers make great lunches! As do wraps because they last longer than bread. If you know how many sandwiches you’re going to need for the week and your bread will go stale then freeze it! Just remember to take out the amount that you need so that it can defrost.

If you’re making pasta then cut up your meat, it means you don’t use as much and gives you another meal for the week. 

Also, we like to have things like potatoes, rice and pasta in the cupboard. You can make so many meals out of them and Pinterest is the best place for ideas if you’re stuck. 

Salads are a great alternative to heavier meals and make you feel refreshed. You can pack a lot of good food into a salad and it’ll cost very little. 

Aldi is a fab shop for budget food shopping and it’s all nice, fresh stuff. Morrisons is also great for meat and if you can shop local (fruit and veg, farmers markets, etc) then you may find excellent deals and it’s helping your local economy.

If you’re good at baking then use your skills! Think like your granny, as they say. You can make a few pies, quiches, anything that you fancy and slice them up into portions and freeze. A great way to have a meal ready to heat up that costs very little to do.

If you love takeaways, make your own version. Homemade pizzas taste divine and take no time at all to put together. Invest in a be-ro book if you haven’t already! If you’d like the pizza recipe, just ask 🙂 

One rule of thumb is to only buy what you need. If you work out what you need for each meal then only buy that quantity for the week then it’ll work out cheaper. Unless there’s an offer on something that you use on a regular basis then it won’t go to waste.

Happy planning! x


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