Suspended coffee/meals for homeless

Following on from my post about helping people in need I thought that I’d share a good way of giving to those less fortunate. 

Some coffee shops/cafes, etc run a scheme where you can pre-order food or drink for a homeless person called a ‘suspended’ coffee or meal. 

This means that when someone is hungry and has no other means of food they can go to these places and ask if anyone has pre-ordered anything. I think this is a great way of giving something small that will help someone who needs it.

You can also donate food to local food banks/homeless charities and some charities take clothing, sleeping bags and essentials out onto the streets for people who need them.

One charity local to me that does this is ‘Making winter warmer for those without’. Read about them here. There are similar charities all over the UK.

It might be worth asking in your local coffee shop if they do suspended meals. They may not have heard of it and you could help more people if they decide to start offering the service to people.

Always be kind, if you have nothing to give then a smile or a kind word could make someone’s day x 


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