£30 meal plan week 2

I thought I’d share my food plan with you this week to give you some ideas of eating nice food on a budget.

There’s quite a variety and it still came to £30! Please bear in mind that this is not a diet or for weight loss but it is using mostly fresh ingredients and healthier options, so is better for you than processed foods.

If you’d like any of the recipes that don’t have a link then please just ask.

Monday- Lunch- Oven baked chips (chunky fries)

Dinner- Homemade southern fried chicken cooked on a grill with homemade potato wedges and coleslaw.

Tuesday- Lunch- Grilled chicken mustard wrap (see other post for recipe here)


Dinner- Lamb mince tacos (old el paso taco kit £1.99 at Home Bargains, just add mince, etc)

Wednesday- Treat day so no food planned for lunch

Dinner- BBQ Pork chops with creamy mashed potato and roast veg

Thursday- Lunch- Sweet chilli chicken sandwich (sweet chilli sauce mixed with mayo and chicken pieces)

Dinner- Homemade lamb burgers using leftover mince and herbs, with spicy homemade wedges and salad

Friday- Lunch- Sweet chilli chicken sandwich

Dinner- Creamy tuna, tomato, ricotta and spinach pasta bake (Lloyd grossman sauce- £1 Asda)

Saturday- Lunch- Tuna salad

Dinner- Chicken Korma and basmati rice (Sharwoods  korma £1 Asda)

Sunday- Lunch- Greek salad with grilled chicken

Dinner- Pan fried chicken with mustard and lemon sauce and roast veg


( Sourced via Pinterest)

This is the shopping list that I had, but I had a couple of ingredients at home already and I got a some extra snacks for the week which took it to £30. I shopped mostly at Aldi and got a couple of things at Asda.

Chicken (1kg pack of 8 for £5.70)





Lamb mince

Taco kit


Parsnip x 2


Pack of cooked chicken

Pasta sauce

Tuna x3


Garlic dip

Spinach salad






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