A few quotes to think about today


(Sourced via Pinterest)


(Sourced via Pinterest)


(Sourced via Pinterest)


(Sourced via Pinterest)

A little bit of inspiration goes a long way. What could you achieve if you opened up your mind to the possibilities that the world has to offer? Small things, big things; it doesn’t matter what it is. Set your mind free from the weight of what ifs and buts and do something today.

Be kind to someone, you never know what a smile or a chat could do for someone’s day. Give the ones you love an extra cuddle or a thank you just for being them.

If fear is holding you back in life, then think of a reason why you need to feel afraid and what you could change about it.

If you feel like you’ve climbed a mountain or that you’re half way there and you’re struggling, take a moment and enjoy the view. Think of how far you’ve come, how great you’ll feel once you get there and how, right at this moment, you’ve achieved so much. Give yourself a pat on the back for being strong and rest in the knowledge that once you get back up again you’ll feel ready to go all the way.

Have a lovely day. x



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