Freedom to create

Do something that you love, not for approval, but just because it makes your heart sing. 
When you love what you do, simply for your own enjoyment, then it comes from a deeper rooted place and is more authentic. 
This kind of passion is what makes you connect wholly to the task in hand and also allows others to connect with you. 

Too often, we stop ourselves from being who we are because of situations and thoughts that will probably never even manifest. We think of a million reasons why something isn’t a good idea, instead of enjoying what we want to do and immersing ourselves in that freedom to create and explore who we are.

If you create something, or do something, and it makes you happy- do you need anyone to tell you that it’s worth something? Or is it worth something because it made you happy to do it?

Set yourself free from judgement, because most of the time it’s only us judging ourselves. Allow yourself to push past your barriers and connect with your inner self. 


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