Mother’s Day gift ideas



If you’re looking for something for Mother’s Day and just can’t think of any ideas; I’ve put together a list of things that might inspire you. All are under £20 so suitable for all budgets, whatever you can afford-she will love! You could always take her out for a lovely meal too if you wanted to or cook something special at home. It just takes a little bit of imagination and some creativity.

Do you have a Mum that loves to give more than anything? Maybe she’d love a gift where it helps others? You could also get her a little something as a gift to spoil her to go along with it.

Oxfam unwrapped have some lovely ideas, and with every gift ordered for Mother’s Day you get free heart chocolates for Mum. With options from feeding a family for £7 in countries where crisis has hit, to providing water for 10 people for £10. You can help bring education to children, get classrooms kitted out and have teachers trained for £19. There are a lot of options and they’re nice to give along with some flowers. You choose which gift to give, personalise it and get your free gold wrapped chocolate hearts to go with it. You can choose to send an e-card and Oxfam unwrapped gifts will usually arrive within 3 working days.

Does your Mum love gardening/flowers? Aldi have a range of different sized bouquets in for Mother’s Day, starting from £5 to around £20. Morrison’s also have a fab range of flowers and plants, you could spruce up a plant by getting some burlap fabric and tying it to the pot to look like this.


(Sourced via Pinterest, by Sew a fine seam)

Wilkinson’s have some gorgeous Willow trees in for £10, which she could keep in a pot or plant in her garden for a gift that could last a lifetime.

Is your Mum a chocolate lover? You could put together a gift basket made just for her. The Range have wicker baskets that come with a stylish lining for £3.99. Fill it with her favourite treats like hot chocolate, a nice mug, thorntons, wine, whatever you like then wrap it up with Cellophane. (available here for £2 a roll).

The same can be done with any kind of gift basket, for example spa things (face masks, body scrub, bath salts, bath bombs, soaps, etc).

If you’d like something different for your mum and would prefer an experience that you can do together then maybe something like afternoon tea/spa day/glamping would be nice? There are always offers on groupon, wowcher and living social and this gives you good, quality time together.

Maybe your Mum likes trying new things? How about a Segway rally through the woods? Click here to go to the offer, available from £12.95 for one and £19.95 for two

If you don’t live near to your Mum and would love to see her for Mother’s Day rather than just sending flowers then try looking at Megabus. You can get seats on lots of routes for very little money. She’d love to see you!

TK Maxx always have excellent offers on handbags, gift sets and lots more for greatly reduced prices so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re still struggling for a gift.

If all else fails check out lovely, handmade items from Etsy. Guaranteed to be unique and something a bit special. Please remember to check postage times to avoid disappointment!

Hope this helps to give you some ideas, and that you and your Mum have a lovely day 🙂







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