Budget meal plan for £40- no waste, save money and eat nice food!

I started doing meal plans a little while ago (See archives for more), as it saves a lot of time, money and no food is wasted.

This is my meal plan for this week, please bear in mind that it is not a diet, it’s just what my husband and I fancied eating for the week.

Day 1-

Lunch- Crusty loaf with brussels pate (49p for the pate from Aldi, tiger loaf £1 from Asda. Enough for more than one meal for two)

Dinner- Homemade grilled chicken burger with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Served with homemade chips (Top tip- grill the bun on each side for a few seconds to add a bit of crunch to your burger)

Day 2-

Lunch- Crusty loaf and pate. (if it’s used within 2 days it wont go to waste)

Dinner- Homemade creamy vegetable soup with crusty loaf and butter

Day 3-

Lunch- Ham, mustard, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise sandwich (tastes amazing!)

Dinner- Homemade Chicken parmesan with salad


(Sourced via Pinterest, recipe here by Chef Savvy)

Day 4

Lunch- Ham, mustard, etc sandwich (to use up meat)

Dinner- Creamy mustard chicken thighs with mash potato and carrots (See Creamy mustard chicken- Pinterest recipe by Seasons and suppers blog for recipe)


(Image from Seasons and Suppers)

Day 5

Lunch- Tuna and mayonnaise sandwich

Dinner- Nandos style chicken thighs with homemade chunky oven chips and coleslaw

Day 6

Lunch- Tuna salad (tuna, spinach, rocket, watercress, red onion, tomato, avocado, oregano)

Dinner- Mustard crusted pork chops with roast potatoes and buttered asparagus

Day 7-

Lunch- Jacket potato with tuna and mayonnaise

Dinner- Sunday dinner with pork chops, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, mashed potato, roast potatoes, carrots and asparagus (use up pork so none goes to waste and freeze what you don’t use for next week)

Our shopping bill came to £40 this week for two people, with extras for snacks shopping between Aldi and Asda.







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