Words that stay with you

Have you ever noticed that some things in life that you’re told, or that you experience that seem so insignificant at the time, can stay with you forever?

This can be a moment, a word or sentence, an experience or something inspirational that you hold on to and store somewhere in your mind. It can even take on new meaning.

Years ago in college, I was in a Music lesson with a very cool Jazz sax player who was my most inspirational lecturer and taught us all a lot. During the lesson he said something that I’ve never forgotten, and I think it also applies to life. He said, “If you make a mistake in your playing then make sure you mean it”. I loved this.

If you make mistakes in anything then make sure to make the most out of it and make your next “note” mean something. You can always create something amazing if your heart is in it, and sometimes it’s the imperfections that give it character and soul.

So in life, and in anything that you do- try to remember that perfection isn’t always best; because who can define perfect anyway?

Have a great day x



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