Challenges help you to grow

It is our difficulties that teach us the most about ourselves and about life.

Have you ever noticed that after a challenge or a hard time in your life you find yourself coming out of it with more knowledge and more understanding? It may have even changed a part of you- but it’s usually for the better.

When you’re not quite settled and feel as though everything is just a bit too tough to handle, look at how far you’ve come; how much it’s taught you and also realise that you are never alone in those feelings. Everyone has some form of battle at some point in their lives; whether it’s with themselves, something they need to overcome or something that they feel is out of their control. Life has a way of testing you, seeing what you can handle and I like to call these times ‘lessons’.

You cannot grow as a person without lessons, you may fail and need to re-take them or look at what you could do better next time. You’re never a failure; you’re just learning- like the rest of us.

No one was born a genius and even the most accomplished person still feels insecure and like they could do better. This is because we never stop learning, never stop improving and life constantly changes and challenges us.

The thing that you have to remember is that for every challenge you’ve faced so far, you’ve came out a winner; whether or not you achieved your goal because I have no doubt that you learned something about yourself. This is what moulds us into the best person we can be; our difficulties, our triumphs, our mistakes and every moment in life.

Love what you’ve learned so far and know that whatever lies ahead is just another lesson, and you will grow from it.

Never be afraid to learn.x


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