Win a holiday with Walkers spell and go competition

If you haven’t already heard- Walkers crisps are running a competition with; where they are giving away 20,000 long and short haul holidays to people in the UK from London and Dublin airports.

All you have to do, is purchase walkers crisps that have a code printed on the back of the packet near the best before date. There are single and multipacks available with the code.

Follow the instructions on the packet and sign up to Spell and go HERE. Enter the code/s on your packets and you will be given computer generated letters. Collect these letters to spell out a destination on the list.

Once you’ve spelled out a destination, you can claim your prize! You will be given a 4 star hotel and flights package to that country for up to 4 people. You also have the option to choose a voucher instead with the value of up to £4000.

Bear in mind that you must keep all packets that you use as proof, otherwise you may not be able to claim your prize.

Also, I’ve found that it’s most difficult to find the letters C, K and D; which you need to have for most destinations. Some have been found, so it’s not impossible!

*HINT* visit the Walkers Facebook page and see if you can spot the letters in videos (look out for the A on the jeep). Once you find them upload a picture of it to your dashboard to get that letter.

You can also swap letters 5 times during the competition, either with friends or generated at random.

Good luck!

( I am in no way affiliated with anyone mentioned, just sharing the competition with others in the hope that someone will win their dream holiday)


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