De-clutter your home: ideas and inspiration

Is your home full of things that you don’t need, love or use? Do you want to de-clutter and keep it that way? 

We all make impulse purchases from time to time and they can take up a lot of space in our homes where we’d rather have things that we love. However, before you sort through it all and throw it out, think about how you can help the environment, who could use it and if you could make any money from it. 


  • Donate it to charity (charity furniture shops/clothing banks/ charity shops/ refuge centres, etc
  • Sell on eBay or Facebook 
  • Look on Pinterest for ideas on up cycling and creating something new out of something old.
  • Car boot sales/jumble sales/ garage sale 
  • Ask friends/family if they’d like to have it
  • Advertise on sites such as gumtree and in newspapers

Save it from the land fill wherever possible. 

Recycling centres are a great place to take any unwanted things.

Once you’ve decluttered; keep it that way. 

Whenever you’re deciding to make a purchase- first think; Do I love this? Will I still want to buy it if I came back in 2 weeks time? Do I need it? 

You’ll find that you develop a habit of only buying what you love, and those things will make your house a home. Most things that you pick up would have only been an impulse purchase. 

You can then use the money that you save and earn from the things you don’t want for things that will create memories for you and your loved ones; such as a holiday or a day out.

Have a great day x


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