Something different: Cat Cafe

Today I had a great first experience in going to a cat cafe called Catpawcino. 

It was fab and I definitely recommend it as something different to do. Cat cafes are becoming more popular in the UK now. I’m sure there’ll be one near you!

A cat cafe is like any other cafe apart from the fact there are resident cats there. It was very hygienic, with food being prepared in a cat free zone and they had hand sanitiser before entry. 

The difference that I felt with this cafe than any other was that it was very community orientated. Having cats there to play with and interact with made the people who were visiting interact more with each other aswell which gave it a friendly and relaxed vibe. 

I was also glad to see that the cats welfare was very highly thought of, with a room that they could go to if they wanted quiet time, lots of things to play with and climb up and a set of rules for customers to make sure that they were treat properly. 

It’s a great way for cat lovers and also people who don’t have an animal at home to go and spend some time doing something different.

I’ll definitely be going back! 

Here are a couple of the lovely cats that I saw today. 


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