Give blood- save lives! New donors needed on the NHS

Giving blood is a selfless act that so many people do on a regular basis without really knowing the true impact that they have on people’s lives every day.

Personally, I’m on the other side of the spectrum and have received blood transfusions many times over my lifetime due to internal bleeding and iron deficient anaemia caused by an autoimmune disease called ‘Crohns Disease’. I will never know the people who donated the blood that I needed, but they do so without much thought as to where it ends up.

Giving blood saves the lives of so many; women who have difficult births and lose blood, people with cancer and those who have been in horrific accidents to name but a few.

I would love to donate myself but as I’ve received transfusions before I’m unable to. I’ve seen appeals all over the place this week from the NHS for new blood donors so please think about it if it’s something you’d like to do.

I’m in no way connected to the nhs or any other establishment, I just know how precious blood donation can be to the lives of those who need it.

Hope you have a lovely day x



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