Grilled chicken with canarian potatoes and mojo sauce recipes

After a lovely holiday on the canarian island of Tenerife, I fell in love with the traditional food that they offered. On arriving home, I wanted to recreate the tastes of the Canary Islands so I found out how to make some of their specialities. One of those flavoursome foods were canarian potatoes which turned out to be quite simple to make. 

How to:

New potatoes


Sea salt

Boil new potatoes in very salty water for 15 mins (skin on), then drain most of the water leaving a little bit in the bottom of the pan. Wait for the water to dry up completely, which will allow all of the sea salt to flavour the potatoes. 

The mojo sauce that I tried in Tenerife was amazing with chicken. Here is the recipe Mojo sauce recipe HERE

I hope you enjoy a taste of the Canary Islands! 


Tandoori naan pizza- easy recipe! (And delicious)

A fantastic, and easy way to make a pizza without the need for perfecting the dough is to use a naan bread as your base. I’ve shared a recipe for a naan pizza before, but this topping was too good not to share! 

You will need : 

Naan bread

Tomato puree

Chicken breast


Yellow pepper 


Tandoori spice powder
How to: 

Grab a bowl, then dice the chicken, add 2 tbs tandoori powder plus 1tbs water and mix together until fully covered. Brown the chicken off in a frying pan for a couple of minutes.

On a seperate baking tray place your naan bread and add tomato puree to one side until covered, top with sliced yellow pepper, sliced mushrooms and add the chicken. Finish it off with grated cheese and bake in a preheated oven for 15 mins at 200c. 

I hope you enjoy ! x

Weekly meal plan- save time and unnecessary wastage

I haven’t uploaded one of my meal plans for a few weeks so thought I’d share last weeks, because it was so tasty!

Meal plans are an easy way to prepare your family meals in advance so you aren’t left thinking, “What’s for dinner today?” and ending up throwing together something bland and boring as a last minute attempt at a meal. Advanced planning equals tasty meals; all of the ingredients at hand and most importantly (to me)- an exciting menu for the week! Yipee!

*Please note this is not a diet plan and I am not a nutritionist, just a food lover!*

My meal plan for last week consisted of:

Day 1

Lunch- Skinny Tuna Melt (One slice 50/50 or brown bread, tuna, tomatoes and cheese)


Dinner- (My Favourite) Oven baked jacket potato with creamy bacon and mushroom sauce- found here Cheap and easy meal idea- so tasty and quick you’ll want to eat it all of the time!

Day 2-

Lunch- Cheese savoury sandwich

Dinner- Homemade chicken parmesan with sweet potato oven baked fries and avocado


Day 3-

Lunch- Fish cakes with lemon rice

Dinner- Creamy mustard chicken- Pinterest recipe by Seasons and suppers blog with mashed potato and carrots


Day 4-

Lunch- Scambled egg on toast

Dinner- Homemade grilled chicken burger with oven baked sweet potato fries and coleslaw

Day 5-

Lunch- Grilled chicken with salad (Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, pepper and balsamic vinegar)

Dinner- Egg fried rice with Nandos style oven baked chicken thighs (Nando’s mango and lime sauce)

Day 6-

Lunch- Chicken Tikka skewers with salad

Dinner- Homemade KFC style chicken thighs (Oven baked) with sweet potato fries and coleslaw

Day 7-

Lunch- Traditional British Sunday dinner (Yorkshire puddings, herbed pork chops with carrots, parsnip, stuffing and gravy)

HERE is a link to Jamie Oliver’s Yorkshire puddings for anyone who wants to have a go!

Dinner- Scrambled eggs on toast

Hope you enjoyed the meal plan, sorry that I forgot to take pictures after day 3- I was too busy enjoying the food! x


Cheap and easy meal idea- so tasty and quick you’ll want to eat it all of the time!

We all love cheap and easy meals that are quick to make, don’t break the bank and taste divine! I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture to go with this meal,  I didn’t wait long enough to take one before eating it (oops)! Enjoy! x

What you will need:

Baking potatoes (I love red skinned ones at the mo- it makes all the difference)

Bacon (or leave this out for a vegetarian option)


single cream


garlic granules

olive oil

sea salt

How to make it (to feed 2):

pre-heat the oven to 200c/ Gas Mark 6

Prick holes in the skin of the potatoes and drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt on a baking tray. Bake for one hour.

10 minutes before the potatoes are cooked;

Fry some bacon and chopped mushrooms in a pan

Once browned, add approx. 150ml single cream, black pepper, paprika and garlic granules to taste.

Gently simmer and mix together


Budget meal plan for £40- no waste, save money and eat nice food!

I started doing meal plans a little while ago (See archives for more), as it saves a lot of time, money and no food is wasted.

This is my meal plan for this week, please bear in mind that it is not a diet, it’s just what my husband and I fancied eating for the week.

Day 1-

Lunch- Crusty loaf with brussels pate (49p for the pate from Aldi, tiger loaf £1 from Asda. Enough for more than one meal for two)

Dinner- Homemade grilled chicken burger with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Served with homemade chips (Top tip- grill the bun on each side for a few seconds to add a bit of crunch to your burger)

Day 2-

Lunch- Crusty loaf and pate. (if it’s used within 2 days it wont go to waste)

Dinner- Homemade creamy vegetable soup with crusty loaf and butter

Day 3-

Lunch- Ham, mustard, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise sandwich (tastes amazing!)

Dinner- Homemade Chicken parmesan with salad


(Sourced via Pinterest, recipe here by Chef Savvy)

Day 4

Lunch- Ham, mustard, etc sandwich (to use up meat)

Dinner- Creamy mustard chicken thighs with mash potato and carrots (See Creamy mustard chicken- Pinterest recipe by Seasons and suppers blog for recipe)


(Image from Seasons and Suppers)

Day 5

Lunch- Tuna and mayonnaise sandwich

Dinner- Nandos style chicken thighs with homemade chunky oven chips and coleslaw

Day 6

Lunch- Tuna salad (tuna, spinach, rocket, watercress, red onion, tomato, avocado, oregano)

Dinner- Mustard crusted pork chops with roast potatoes and buttered asparagus

Day 7-

Lunch- Jacket potato with tuna and mayonnaise

Dinner- Sunday dinner with pork chops, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, mashed potato, roast potatoes, carrots and asparagus (use up pork so none goes to waste and freeze what you don’t use for next week)

Our shopping bill came to £40 this week for two people, with extras for snacks shopping between Aldi and Asda.






Creamy mustard chicken- Pinterest recipe by Seasons and suppers blog


(Image taken from Season and suppers, found on Pinterest)

I just had to share this gorgeous Pinterest recipe that I found (and tried) last night. It was absolutely divine and I will be having it again this week- it was that good!

It’s from blog Season and suppers, I don’t own the recipe or image- just couldn’t resist sharing this recipe as it tastes so fab.

4 chicken thighs and 4 legs (bone in/skin on)
Chicken Marinade:
1/3 cup Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp. sweet or smoked paprika
1/4 tsp. sea salt
Freshly ground pepper
1/2 cup diced pancetta or bacon
1/2 cup diced onion
1 tsp. fresh thyme leaves or 1/2 tsp. dried
3/4 cup white wine
2 Tbsp. grainy mustard
2-3 Tbsp. creme fraiche or heavy cream
Fresh thyme, for garnish

For instructions on how to make this recipe please click here to visit the original post.

You won’t regret trying it!



£30 meal plan week 2

I thought I’d share my food plan with you this week to give you some ideas of eating nice food on a budget.

There’s quite a variety and it still came to £30! Please bear in mind that this is not a diet or for weight loss but it is using mostly fresh ingredients and healthier options, so is better for you than processed foods.

If you’d like any of the recipes that don’t have a link then please just ask.

Monday- Lunch- Oven baked chips (chunky fries)

Dinner- Homemade southern fried chicken cooked on a grill with homemade potato wedges and coleslaw.

Tuesday- Lunch- Grilled chicken mustard wrap (see other post for recipe here)


Dinner- Lamb mince tacos (old el paso taco kit £1.99 at Home Bargains, just add mince, etc)

Wednesday- Treat day so no food planned for lunch

Dinner- BBQ Pork chops with creamy mashed potato and roast veg

Thursday- Lunch- Sweet chilli chicken sandwich (sweet chilli sauce mixed with mayo and chicken pieces)

Dinner- Homemade lamb burgers using leftover mince and herbs, with spicy homemade wedges and salad

Friday- Lunch- Sweet chilli chicken sandwich

Dinner- Creamy tuna, tomato, ricotta and spinach pasta bake (Lloyd grossman sauce- £1 Asda)

Saturday- Lunch- Tuna salad

Dinner- Chicken Korma and basmati rice (Sharwoods  korma £1 Asda)

Sunday- Lunch- Greek salad with grilled chicken

Dinner- Pan fried chicken with mustard and lemon sauce and roast veg


( Sourced via Pinterest)

This is the shopping list that I had, but I had a couple of ingredients at home already and I got a some extra snacks for the week which took it to £30. I shopped mostly at Aldi and got a couple of things at Asda.

Chicken (1kg pack of 8 for £5.70)





Lamb mince

Taco kit


Parsnip x 2


Pack of cooked chicken

Pasta sauce

Tuna x3


Garlic dip

Spinach salad





Suspended coffee/meals for homeless

Following on from my post about helping people in need I thought that I’d share a good way of giving to those less fortunate. 

Some coffee shops/cafes, etc run a scheme where you can pre-order food or drink for a homeless person called a ‘suspended’ coffee or meal. 

This means that when someone is hungry and has no other means of food they can go to these places and ask if anyone has pre-ordered anything. I think this is a great way of giving something small that will help someone who needs it.

You can also donate food to local food banks/homeless charities and some charities take clothing, sleeping bags and essentials out onto the streets for people who need them.

One charity local to me that does this is ‘Making winter warmer for those without’. Read about them here. There are similar charities all over the UK.

It might be worth asking in your local coffee shop if they do suspended meals. They may not have heard of it and you could help more people if they decide to start offering the service to people.

Always be kind, if you have nothing to give then a smile or a kind word could make someone’s day x 

Meal plan to save you money

My husband and I managed to do another meal plan this week that came in around the £30 mark so I thought I’d share some tips with you on how we did it. 

Planning meals saves you money, food wastage and you’re not left wondering what you can make for dinner every night because it’s all pre-arranged. 

First of all, we see what we have left in the cupboards/freezer and what can be used to make meals, or ingredients that can be bought to add to those things. 

Then we think of what we’d like to eat for the week, bearing in mind that if we buy a pack of meat or anything that needs to be used within a certain time frame- that we need to plan meals around using it all up so nothing gets thrown out and wasted.

Leftovers make great lunches! As do wraps because they last longer than bread. If you know how many sandwiches you’re going to need for the week and your bread will go stale then freeze it! Just remember to take out the amount that you need so that it can defrost.

If you’re making pasta then cut up your meat, it means you don’t use as much and gives you another meal for the week. 

Also, we like to have things like potatoes, rice and pasta in the cupboard. You can make so many meals out of them and Pinterest is the best place for ideas if you’re stuck. 

Salads are a great alternative to heavier meals and make you feel refreshed. You can pack a lot of good food into a salad and it’ll cost very little. 

Aldi is a fab shop for budget food shopping and it’s all nice, fresh stuff. Morrisons is also great for meat and if you can shop local (fruit and veg, farmers markets, etc) then you may find excellent deals and it’s helping your local economy.

If you’re good at baking then use your skills! Think like your granny, as they say. You can make a few pies, quiches, anything that you fancy and slice them up into portions and freeze. A great way to have a meal ready to heat up that costs very little to do.

If you love takeaways, make your own version. Homemade pizzas taste divine and take no time at all to put together. Invest in a be-ro book if you haven’t already! If you’d like the pizza recipe, just ask 🙂 

One rule of thumb is to only buy what you need. If you work out what you need for each meal then only buy that quantity for the week then it’ll work out cheaper. Unless there’s an offer on something that you use on a regular basis then it won’t go to waste.

Happy planning! x

Ben and Jerry’s Vegan/dairy free desserts

(Sourced from

Ben and Jerry’s have brought out a new vegan range, with 4 flavours consisting of; Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, PB & Cookies and Coffee Caramel Fudge.

I’m not sure when they will be out in UK stores but for vegans and allergy sufferers, this is something worth looking out for. It’s great that big companies are being inclusive to all so no one has to miss out on anything.

For more info, Click here