Start saving for Christmas by turning your junk into someone’s treasure

I’ve read before that the average person is sitting with over £1000 of things in their home that they no longer want/need, and the sad thing is; a lot of the old stuff that we accumulate goes into landfills instead of being recycled.

Take a look around your home/ shed/ loft, and see if you have anything that you’re only keeping incase you ever need it or it’s been long forgotten. These are the things that you can sell online on sites such as eBay/ Amazon and gumtree.

 It takes two minutes to take a picture, list it and wait until it sells and the process is so simple. Not only will you be saving the environment, you’ll be clearing out unwanted things from your home and turning it into spare cash for things that you do need. 

As long as the item is in the condition that you describe, has a clear picture and a catchy title then almost anything will sell at the right price. Check what similar items are going for to help you decide on pricing. 

Anything that you think would be hard to sell, take it to a recycle village or charity shop; depending on the condition. 

Remember, a clear home is a clear mind. It will be easier to organise your space if it’s not filled with things that you don’t want. 

Happy listing! 

The meaning of life. Pinterest quote

(Sourced via Pinterest)

I’m a firm believer that memories are the most precious things to gain in life. You will never have everything you want, but you’ll always have loved ones and precious moments which are the best kinds of treasure.

My wish for you today is to live a meaningful life, full of those moments. X

Brave the storms and you will sail into the horizon

Life tests us.

There are times when we are filled with anxiety, hopelessness, fear, and all of the things that people don’t like to open up about because it’s not a happy subject and as sad as it is, you feel that people don’t want to know sometimes.

The truth is, is that all of those things are part of us as humans; as well as happiness, joy and faith. It’s easy to say, “Oh, just look on the bright side and life will change” and this, to a certain extent can be true- life is better when you have a happy mind set; but it’s not so easy to snap into a good frame of mind. That takes work, commitment to yourself and going easy on yourself also.

You can have a happy mind and a happy life by slowly changing your thought processes, learning to find your own way of dealing with sadness and being ok with yourself on the days that you feel less than able to do so. You’ll get less of those days and you’ll gradually find that you start to feel happier inside, instead of having to act happy on the outside.

We go through these stormy parts of our lives to clear out the unnecessary and unwanted clutter in our minds so that we can see clearly at the other side. Any situation that we find ourselves in which creates turmoil in our existence will always end with smooth, calm waters and we would’ve learned a lot more about ourselves by the process.

Allow yourself to be free, to be happy and don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re not. You are doing the best you can and you’re doing well. So keep up the good work! x

Weekly meal plan- save time and unnecessary wastage

I haven’t uploaded one of my meal plans for a few weeks so thought I’d share last weeks, because it was so tasty!

Meal plans are an easy way to prepare your family meals in advance so you aren’t left thinking, “What’s for dinner today?” and ending up throwing together something bland and boring as a last minute attempt at a meal. Advanced planning equals tasty meals; all of the ingredients at hand and most importantly (to me)- an exciting menu for the week! Yipee!

*Please note this is not a diet plan and I am not a nutritionist, just a food lover!*

My meal plan for last week consisted of:

Day 1

Lunch- Skinny Tuna Melt (One slice 50/50 or brown bread, tuna, tomatoes and cheese)


Dinner- (My Favourite) Oven baked jacket potato with creamy bacon and mushroom sauce- found here Cheap and easy meal idea- so tasty and quick you’ll want to eat it all of the time!

Day 2-

Lunch- Cheese savoury sandwich

Dinner- Homemade chicken parmesan with sweet potato oven baked fries and avocado


Day 3-

Lunch- Fish cakes with lemon rice

Dinner- Creamy mustard chicken- Pinterest recipe by Seasons and suppers blog with mashed potato and carrots


Day 4-

Lunch- Scambled egg on toast

Dinner- Homemade grilled chicken burger with oven baked sweet potato fries and coleslaw

Day 5-

Lunch- Grilled chicken with salad (Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, pepper and balsamic vinegar)

Dinner- Egg fried rice with Nandos style oven baked chicken thighs (Nando’s mango and lime sauce)

Day 6-

Lunch- Chicken Tikka skewers with salad

Dinner- Homemade KFC style chicken thighs (Oven baked) with sweet potato fries and coleslaw

Day 7-

Lunch- Traditional British Sunday dinner (Yorkshire puddings, herbed pork chops with carrots, parsnip, stuffing and gravy)

HERE is a link to Jamie Oliver’s Yorkshire puddings for anyone who wants to have a go!

Dinner- Scrambled eggs on toast

Hope you enjoyed the meal plan, sorry that I forgot to take pictures after day 3- I was too busy enjoying the food! x


Happiness comes from within 

(I thought that I’d re-blog this for anyone who might need a little bit of inspiration today)

Whatever your journey is in life; one thing that we all have in common is our search for happiness.  What makes you happy? Is it something that you have already, something that you want, or so…

Source: Happiness comes from within

De-clutter your home: ideas and inspiration

Is your home full of things that you don’t need, love or use? Do you want to de-clutter and keep it that way? 

We all make impulse purchases from time to time and they can take up a lot of space in our homes where we’d rather have things that we love. However, before you sort through it all and throw it out, think about how you can help the environment, who could use it and if you could make any money from it. 


  • Donate it to charity (charity furniture shops/clothing banks/ charity shops/ refuge centres, etc
  • Sell on eBay or Facebook 
  • Look on Pinterest for ideas on up cycling and creating something new out of something old.
  • Car boot sales/jumble sales/ garage sale 
  • Ask friends/family if they’d like to have it
  • Advertise on sites such as gumtree and in newspapers

Save it from the land fill wherever possible. 

Recycling centres are a great place to take any unwanted things.

Once you’ve decluttered; keep it that way. 

Whenever you’re deciding to make a purchase- first think; Do I love this? Will I still want to buy it if I came back in 2 weeks time? Do I need it? 

You’ll find that you develop a habit of only buying what you love, and those things will make your house a home. Most things that you pick up would have only been an impulse purchase. 

You can then use the money that you save and earn from the things you don’t want for things that will create memories for you and your loved ones; such as a holiday or a day out.

Have a great day x

Cheap and easy meal idea- so tasty and quick you’ll want to eat it all of the time!

We all love cheap and easy meals that are quick to make, don’t break the bank and taste divine! I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture to go with this meal,  I didn’t wait long enough to take one before eating it (oops)! Enjoy! x

What you will need:

Baking potatoes (I love red skinned ones at the mo- it makes all the difference)

Bacon (or leave this out for a vegetarian option)


single cream


garlic granules

olive oil

sea salt

How to make it (to feed 2):

pre-heat the oven to 200c/ Gas Mark 6

Prick holes in the skin of the potatoes and drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt on a baking tray. Bake for one hour.

10 minutes before the potatoes are cooked;

Fry some bacon and chopped mushrooms in a pan

Once browned, add approx. 150ml single cream, black pepper, paprika and garlic granules to taste.

Gently simmer and mix together


Ring the Bells That Can Still Ring. Forget Your Perfect Offering. There Is a Crack in Everything. That’s How the Light Gets in – Leonard Cohen

I read a great blog post on a fellow bloggers page and thought I’d share it so that others can feel inspired by the words. Please click Here for the full story and the Seeds4Life blog page. There’s a lot of inspiring articles on there so do pay a visit! 

I’m in the process of learning that I don’t have to be perfect. I still stress over every grade lower than an A, over every blemish on my skin, over every word I say that could have been misinterpreted. I have to tell myself after the fact to breathe deeply and remember the big picture. […]