Love; a four letter word

When we think of what we want out of life; love seems to be one of the main things that comes up for most people. 

We’ve all been there, wishing you had that perfect relationship with your dream guy/girl. 

One thing that I’ve learned from finding what I would call ‘the one’ is that there is no such thing as perfect. Real love is finding someone that you don’t ever want to give up on, that you’d do anything for and someone you can grow with and struggle with, who feels the same for you. Real love is having hard times, learning everything there is to know about each other and feeling comfortable to be yourself. 

A relationship is only as good as the effort you put into it, and keep putting into it, long past the honeymoon phase. 

I once read a post that was from a happily married older man who was asked how he kept the love alive. His answer was simple and he said, ‘I come from a generation where if things are broken, we fix them. Rather than throwing them away’. This applies to disagreements that can be resolved with a little patience, love and communication. 

If you’re still waiting to meet your partner and are feeling lonely; don’t worry. It’s worth waiting for someone who will make you happy, and when you do; it’ll feel like you’ve never waited at all.

Becoming an auntie for the first time

I became an auntie this week to a beautiful little boy. What I wasn’t expecting were the roller coaster of emotions I’d feel when he arrived. 

I was overjoyed, worried, proud of the new parents for being amazing, proud of my sibling, emotional that I could see such a resemblance between him and my brother. I felt obsessed with seeing pictures of his cute little face and talking about him. 

It got me thinking of how amazing life really is; how a fully formed baby can grow in 9 months and change the lives of so many people around him. 

Life is a miracle really, it has it’s ups and downs for everyone but new life shows us that there are truly great things in this world. The great moments are the ones that we will all remember most. x

The meaning of life. Pinterest quote

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I’m a firm believer that memories are the most precious things to gain in life. You will never have everything you want, but you’ll always have loved ones and precious moments which are the best kinds of treasure.

My wish for you today is to live a meaningful life, full of those moments. X

You are worthy

Believe in yourself.

Believe in the infinite possibilities, that you are capable of achieving. 

Believe in love. 

Believe in true happiness, 

and most of all, believe in your worth and that you deserve all of the above x

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Daily inspiration

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I hope that today you can find peace in your mind, love in your heart and joy in all that you do. 

Start today with a grateful heart and a positive thought, and you will set the course of your day. 

Find time to do what you love, and just be. x