Being true to yourself

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After spending many years being ashamed of my own life journey I’ve recently came to the realisation that it’s ok to own your story, to not be ashamed of what you haven’t achieved and instead look at what you have. 

I spent years putting myself down because in my eyes I hadn’t achieved the same things that my peers had, so I wasn’t good enough. I think many of us look at other peoples lives and find faults in our own, but everyone has something in their life that they wish was a little different. 

How great would it be if we all praised our own achievements instead of criticising ourselves?

For the last 5 years I’ve been ashamed because i couldn’t be like everyone else my age. The truth is that I’ve been fighting the biggest hurdle of my life. I had a stroke at age 22, in my final year of university and it shook my life up. I lost my sense of self, I lost friends but only because I didn’t want to seem that I was failing at life so I pushed everyone away.

Looking back now, I realise that I didn’t need to feel ashamed. I’ve spent the last 5 years using a wheelchair and needing a lot of help from my husband. I don’t know why I felt afraid to let people see that side of my life. I felt that it wasn’t what people would be comfortable with, so I hid myself away. 

Why was I so ashamed after working hard to put my life back together? Why did I not see what I had achieved instead of what I hadn’t? 

Now, at 27 I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere. I’ve started being able to walk more and more importantly- I’ve been able to start a family of my own. I may not be where I want to be, but I’ve worked hard to get where I am.

Sometimes it takes more courage in life to own your weaknesses and turn them into strengths, than to try to fit in with what society thinks is achievement.

No matter what you struggle with, never be ashamed to be who you are. Flaws and all x


I took time out 

I haven’t blogged for a while. A lot has happened in the last year for me. 

Long story short, I had a baby! He’s a gorgeous little boy and he’s completed my life. He’s such a blessing that I waited a long time for. 

I’ve started a new Mam blog and will try to get back into posting on save and inspire while baby sleeps! Check out my new blog here= Mammydear 


Ring the Bells That Can Still Ring. Forget Your Perfect Offering. There Is a Crack in Everything. That’s How the Light Gets in – Leonard Cohen

I read a great blog post on a fellow bloggers page and thought I’d share it so that others can feel inspired by the words. Please click Here for the full story and the Seeds4Life blog page. There’s a lot of inspiring articles on there so do pay a visit! 

I’m in the process of learning that I don’t have to be perfect. I still stress over every grade lower than an A, over every blemish on my skin, over every word I say that could have been misinterpreted. I have to tell myself after the fact to breathe deeply and remember the big picture. […]

Challenges help you to grow

It is our difficulties that teach us the most about ourselves and about life.

Have you ever noticed that after a challenge or a hard time in your life you find yourself coming out of it with more knowledge and more understanding? It may have even changed a part of you- but it’s usually for the better.

When you’re not quite settled and feel as though everything is just a bit too tough to handle, look at how far you’ve come; how much it’s taught you and also realise that you are never alone in those feelings. Everyone has some form of battle at some point in their lives; whether it’s with themselves, something they need to overcome or something that they feel is out of their control. Life has a way of testing you, seeing what you can handle and I like to call these times ‘lessons’.

You cannot grow as a person without lessons, you may fail and need to re-take them or look at what you could do better next time. You’re never a failure; you’re just learning- like the rest of us.

No one was born a genius and even the most accomplished person still feels insecure and like they could do better. This is because we never stop learning, never stop improving and life constantly changes and challenges us.

The thing that you have to remember is that for every challenge you’ve faced so far, you’ve came out a winner; whether or not you achieved your goal because I have no doubt that you learned something about yourself. This is what moulds us into the best person we can be; our difficulties, our triumphs, our mistakes and every moment in life.

Love what you’ve learned so far and know that whatever lies ahead is just another lesson, and you will grow from it.

Never be afraid to learn.x

Words that stay with you

Have you ever noticed that some things in life that you’re told, or that you experience that seem so insignificant at the time, can stay with you forever?

This can be a moment, a word or sentence, an experience or something inspirational that you hold on to and store somewhere in your mind. It can even take on new meaning.

Years ago in college, I was in a Music lesson with a very cool Jazz sax player who was my most inspirational lecturer and taught us all a lot. During the lesson he said something that I’ve never forgotten, and I think it also applies to life. He said, “If you make a mistake in your playing then make sure you mean it”. I loved this.

If you make mistakes in anything then make sure to make the most out of it and make your next “note” mean something. You can always create something amazing if your heart is in it, and sometimes it’s the imperfections that give it character and soul.

So in life, and in anything that you do- try to remember that perfection isn’t always best; because who can define perfect anyway?

Have a great day x


Freedom to create

Do something that you love, not for approval, but just because it makes your heart sing. 
When you love what you do, simply for your own enjoyment, then it comes from a deeper rooted place and is more authentic. 
This kind of passion is what makes you connect wholly to the task in hand and also allows others to connect with you. 

Too often, we stop ourselves from being who we are because of situations and thoughts that will probably never even manifest. We think of a million reasons why something isn’t a good idea, instead of enjoying what we want to do and immersing ourselves in that freedom to create and explore who we are.

If you create something, or do something, and it makes you happy- do you need anyone to tell you that it’s worth something? Or is it worth something because it made you happy to do it?

Set yourself free from judgement, because most of the time it’s only us judging ourselves. Allow yourself to push past your barriers and connect with your inner self. 

A little bit of inspiration

Sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself at any point in your life, whether it’s a good day or a bad one, is to be proud of how far you’ve come and to know that you’re doing the best that you can.
 To be human is not to be perfect, to have all of the answers or to know your path before you’ve walked it. We’re all here to learn and to grow as people. Be kind to yourself 🙂 

(I love this quote by Tony Robbins, sourced via Pinterest )

You Are Confined Only by the Walls You Build Yourself – Andrew Murphy

In a small room we convince ourselves that is all we are deserving of. Inside of those four walls, we make ourselves comfortable, and create a world limited to what we have built around us. We look out of the window from time to time, admiring those who built no walls around them. They walk […]