The meaning of life. Pinterest quote

(Sourced via Pinterest)

I’m a firm believer that memories are the most precious things to gain in life. You will never have everything you want, but you’ll always have loved ones and precious moments which are the best kinds of treasure.

My wish for you today is to live a meaningful life, full of those moments. X


Words that stay with you

Have you ever noticed that some things in life that you’re told, or that you experience that seem so insignificant at the time, can stay with you forever?

This can be a moment, a word or sentence, an experience or something inspirational that you hold on to and store somewhere in your mind. It can even take on new meaning.

Years ago in college, I was in a Music lesson with a very cool Jazz sax player who was my most inspirational lecturer and taught us all a lot. During the lesson he said something that I’ve never forgotten, and I think it also applies to life. He said, “If you make a mistake in your playing then make sure you mean it”. I loved this.

If you make mistakes in anything then make sure to make the most out of it and make your next “note” mean something. You can always create something amazing if your heart is in it, and sometimes it’s the imperfections that give it character and soul.

So in life, and in anything that you do- try to remember that perfection isn’t always best; because who can define perfect anyway?

Have a great day x


Follow your passion- great Pinterest quote

Sourced via Pinterest)

I came across this quote on Pinterest today and loved it, so thought I’d share it on here. 
 Find what makes you happy, and what you feel passionate about and put your heart and soul into it. It’ll bring you so much joy and will also bring joy to others who get to share what you create. 

 A fulfilled life is a happy life, so do whatever makes you feel uplifted. Whether its a once a day thing or a life change, the choice is yours to make.  

Find the good in your day

(Sourced via Pinterest)

There is always something to be thankful for in your day or in your life, no matter how tough things feel. 

Having gratitude for the blessings in your life will bring you happiness and positivity. I find that the more that I find in life to be thankful for, the happier I feel and I start to focus on the positive. 

Sometimes it feels hard to do this. If you’re having a difficult time and life is getting you down, just start small. Every time you find yourself feeling down, think of one thing that makes you smile. 

One thought will soon turn into a good day. X